Experience Star Island

Fun activities for the whole family

When people talk about Star Island, they talk about it as both a “place to unplug” and a “place where something is always going on.” As hard as it is to believe, both are completely true.

One of the beautiful things about coming to Star Island is the choices. Lifespan Religious Education week offers a full docket of programs and activities that all conference participants are welcome to attend. From the “Polar Bear Swim” (jumping off the dock into the chilly New England ocean) at 7 am to the twice-daily chapels, educational programming, trips to other local island, evening dances and talent shows, a person can stay busy from the crack of dawn to late in the evening.

Or they can not.

They can sit on the porch and read a book. They can sleep until noon and then mosey over to the tennis court for a light game to wake them up. They can get a massage, learn about oceanic fish, or find a quiet bench and watch the gulls. It usually only takes a day or two for families to find the “sweet spot” for themselves on Star Island. What activities the kids are loving, and how late the adults want to stay up drinking lime rickies (a signature drink of the island) on the porch with old and new friends. Families find what works for them on the island and in the conference, and with that, they create a vacation that stays with them all year long.

Some of our activities include…

The Art Barn

The Art Barn is generally open in the afternoons, and is a place to create anything your imagination brings to you? Arts and crafts supplies are provided, and people are also welcome to bring in their own projects. Spending time in the Art Barn is great fun for all ages.

A Historic Star Island Tour

A fantastic interactive tour led by the Historical Cottage Curator, which gives an overview of Star Island and the Isles of Shoals from the 1600’s through the present.

Appledore Trip

Experience more of the Isle of Shoals than just Star Island – this is an afternoon trip traveling to a neighboring island that was the home to famous poet Celia Thaxter in the nineteenth century. Visit the garden that inspired Thaxter’s “My Island Garden” and see the Marine Laboratory that is part of Appledore Island today.

Softball game with the Pelicans

It is an annual tradition at LRE week to have a softball game against the Island Staff, affectionally known as “Pelicans” This is great fun for everyone, and brings about plenty of friendly competition!

Botany Walk

On the botany walk, the Island Naturalist will conduct a tour of the vast island flora, including a discussion on edible and medicinal plants native to the Shoals.

Marine Lab

The Marine Lab is open from 9-4 most days. The littlest children can come by the lab to hang out in our kids’ corner, which features age appropriate experiments, coloring books, reading materials and more! People of all ages also enjoy our display tanks where they can get up close and personal with sea creatures of all varieties.

In addition to the daytime programs and activities, there is a conference-wide evening program each night, including…..

  • A Bonfire on the rocks
  • A Talent show that all conference participants are invited to be part of
  • The “Pel Show”, put on for the conference by the island staff
  • A Dance
  • Ghost Stories and music

Visit the Star Island website for more information about all the great things to do on the island.