Christine Bulman is a grounded and insightful leader and educator with more than a decade of service to Unitarian Universalist congregations as professional religious educator in both interim and settled positions.

Alongside her work in faith communities, Christine has worked in the private sector facilitating place-based, experiential learning such as school garden programs, ecology, nature connection, wilderness living skills, and most recently, forest therapy guiding.
After receiving a Masters degree from Lesley University in Ecological Teaching and Learning, Christine was inspired to merge holistic, nature-inspired learning together with the Unitarian Universalist religious education – a kindred merger, bringing a unique new expression of UU faith development at a time when deep human and more-than-human relationships are urgently needed, across the lifespan. She conceived of and piloted a model of nature-based faith formation called “Faith Among the Trees” and is producing a curriculum guide of the same name that will serve as a resource and jumping off point for those looking to take their religious education programs out of the building and into nature.
Through this collaboration with nature and faith communities, Christine hopes to cultivate ecological consciousness and to build human potential so that each may thrive and use their gifts in service of the greater good and the places on the planet we call home.
Jennie Mulqueen is a Singing Chaplain who is training to become a certified Interplay leader. As a Singing Chaplain, she is a celebrant, teacher, performer, and activist.
At the heart of all of Jennie’s work is a commitment to the spirit of play as a force for healing and peace as we balance gratitude and grief on this human journey. She is excited to invite her mentor and fellow UU CC King to join us on Star for some guest leading and playful fellowship. Wheeeeee!
CC King is a certified InterPlay Leader and trainer. She has been practicing the joyous unfolding of Interplay for over 20 years.

CC is an expressive therapist, visual artist, teacher and community activist. As the co-founder of an arts and environment program, she facilitates workshops in organic sculpture and organizes public performance. Play with elders and Memory Cafes are a special interest, as are cancer support and racial healing & transformation. Her background includes nonprofit management, art and family therapy, trauma-informed InterPlay and a life-long commitment to finding sustenance, creative activism, and joy in the natural world.

Porch Chats and Resource Room with Cathy Seggel


THE RESOURCE ROOM: Your FD conference Library
Please visit the Resource Room at the end of the Oceanic Porch to browse or explore curricula and
resources. The room is open most of the time and staffed before and after “Porch Chats.” I am happy to
consult with religious educators about our professional organization, Liberal Religious Educators
Association and how it serves our faith.

I look forward to being with you, Cathy Seggel

PORCH CHATS 2-3pm ~ All interested conferees are welcome and encouraged to ”chat”
Come to the circle of rocking chairs outside of the Resource Room at 2pm each afternoon and join
these facilitated conversations. The chats are relevant to all conferees who are Youth, Volunteer
Teachers, DREs, Parents, Committee members, Musicians, Ministers and everyone. Facilitators will be
a variety of leadership, including the minister of the week, Natalie Fenimore, LREDA and UUA leaders,
Rev., Gail Forsyth-Vail & Kirsten Hunter and others.

Cathy Seggel has been coming to Star Island LRE Week for many years, serving in a variety of roles
from Executive Dean to leading workshops. Cathy is a warm and reassuring presence to all who meet
her and an expert resource around UU faith development for children, youth and adults and shared
ministry. Cathy has served as the religious educator at First Unitarian Providence RI for over 20 years.
A graduate of the University of Connecticut with a BS in Nursing, she earned her Master of Theology
degree from Harvard Divinity School. She is immediate past president of the Liberal Religious
Educators Association, the professional organization for UU religious educators. Cathy lives in
Providence with her husband, Norm. They have three children and four grandchildren.

Past Speakers

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Minister Unitarian Universalist Society of Grafton and Upton

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Religious Education Professional

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Program Manager for Leadership Development