2018 Speakers

All Together Now!

Kim Sweeney

Religious Educator and Independent Consultant

The Future of Faith Formation: Moving from Me to We

Today’s reformation within Unitarian Universalism calls for the centering of faith formation in the mission of our communities of faith. We are being invited to engage the entire congregation in faith formation, bringing certitude to the word of UU leader Connie Goodbread, “Faith development is all we do. Unitarian Universalism is the faith we teach. The congregation is the curriculum.” Moving from me to we takes us away from a consumer oriented model of congregational life, to a mission focused vision for a multicultural, multiracial and multigenerational embodiment of Unitarian Universalism. [Continue Reading]

Jennie Mulqueen

Intern Minister, Hopedale Unitarian Parish

Spiritual Parenting with Jennie Mulqueen

How are we called to spiritual parenting? In order to raise thoughtful, grounded children, we must first ground ourselves in spiritual practices of reflection and mindfulness of our authentic gladness. This workshop is designed to be a time out for parents to reconnect with their deepest sense of playful delight, for when we are consciously connected to our divine spark, we can share it with our children and our communities. We might even begin to transform the world. Continue Reading

Julie Rigano

Director of Lifespan Religious Education, Schenectady, NY


No matter how old we are, when we listen to stories, we transport ourselves for a few minutes. We allow ourselves to be taken on a journey that can lead to moments of self-discovery, bonding, revelation, and grace. This workshop will give its participants skills to map out the arc of a story, create different characters through vocal variation and physicality, and adapt stories to reflect the realities of our world, including representation for multiple identities. These skills would be applicable for any storytelling, from a parent reading a bedtime story to a Time for All Ages in worship. [Continue Reading]

2017 Speakers

Growing Unitarian Universalists in a Changing World

Laura Beth Brown

Director of Family Ministries

Matt Meyer

National Worship Leader

Rev. Daniel Gregoire

Minister Unitarian Universalist Society of Grafton and Upton

Jessica York

Faith Development Office Director

Michele Townsend Grove

Religious Education Professional

Rev. Renee Ruchotzke

Program Manager for Leadership Development