Workshop Leader: Katie Covey

Themed Ministry and Soul Matters RE Sharing Circle

In this workshop, we will discover ways to play with the parts of 21st C. faith formation and reduce the silos of music, social action, worship and RE by offering themes across the whole congregation. We will explore Katie’s “Three S’s: Silence, Sunshine and Service.” Whether or not you are a Soul Matters partner, come learn about the “promises and perils” of theme ministry in RE.

The Soul Matters Sharing Circle is a network of Unitarian Universalist congregations who follow the same monthly themes so we can more easily share RE material, as well as worship, sermon, music and small group resources. We are a web of support and connection; companions traveling a new journey together each month.

We recognize a deep hunger for experiential engagement. In order to satisfy that deep hunger we ask the question, “What does it mean to be a people of the theme?” i.e.  “What does it mean to be a people of vision, of possibility, or of trust?”

Soul Matters Religious Education engages children, youth and families in the development of spiritual practices. Each theme has a practice that is interwoven, i.e. The themes and practices for 2018/19:

Vision: The practice of intentional imagination
Sanctuary: The practice of finding sacred space within & ensuring welcoming space for all
Memory: The practice of honest remembrance & honoring the shoulders on which we stand
Mystery: The practice of embracing life with humility and awe
Possibility: The practice of personal unfolding and prophetic vision  
Trust: The practice of commitment and faith in a love that won’t let us go  
Journey: The practice of pilgrimage, courageous growth and patient change
Wholeness: The practice of repairing what is broken and knowing we are enough
Curiosity: The practice of moving from fear to open-heartedness
Beauty: The practice of savoring life’s gifts