Vandy Leigh

Soul Collage

SoulCollage® is a fun path to self- discovery through collage making. No artistic
background is necessary just the curiosity to try something new and make a
beautiful deck of personal discovery cards. The only supplies you are asked to
bring with you are 5 magazines to share that can be cut up. The best choices are
magazines with vibrant pictures. Often, we see printed images that appeal to us in
magazines, calendars, greeting cards or on the internet. SoulCollage® helps each
individual find the deeper meaning these images speak to within their psyche.
There is no “right” way to create SoulCollage® cards. First, you learn to trust your
intuition to choose the images or as many card-makers have learned, let the
images choose you. Next, your intuition works with your imagination to put
images together on a card that “speaks to you.” As you create cards you meet
different parts of yourself. Some parts are old friends, others may be
“challengers.” Some parts may be completely new to you, the SoulCollage®
process allows introductions to take place. The SoulCollage® process often feels
magical and there is no better place to make cards and build your community than
on Star Island. Vandy Leigh your trained SoulCollage® facilitator will be your guide
through this exciting process.

Vandy Leigh is a Teaching Artist and Storyteller. She holds a M.Ed. in integrated
arts from Lesley University. She teaches students of all ages from pre-school
through all of adulthood. Vandy is passionate about building people’s creative self-
esteem through the exploration of art. In addition to visual arts, Vandy is a
professional storyteller of over 22 years, specializing in Spooky, Wisdom, and
Folktales. Vandy is a trained SoulCollage® facilitator and leads these magical
workshops and open card-making sessions at Creative Community Space, her
recently opened art center in New Hampshire.