Rev. Evin Carvill Ziemer

Towards A Trauma Informed Family Ministry


One professional competence goal for religious professionals should be being trauma informed. This workshop will combine a basic introduction to newer understandings of the impacts of trauma on the nervous system with experiential exploration of how these insights can use helpful to us as religious professionals for the resiliency of our own nervous systems and in the work we do. From a somatic and nervous system perspective, trauma is not the event, trauma is the unresolved traumatic stress stored in our bodies and nervous system. As helping professionals, the health of our nervous systems is part of what we bring to our ministry. We are impacted by traumatic stress of our own lives, the current context, and secondary trauma from accompanying others through their own traumas. Leave with new understandings of neuro-biology and new directions for your personal and professional growth. The content will come from my sabbatical study.

Important: This will be peer learning not therapist led. I expect participants with traumatic histories. However, this is not a workshop to begin your trauma processing nor for those survivors in an intensive period of processing past trauma. If you have questions about the content and the potential impact for you, please reach out to me with questions (

Evin Carvill Ziemer is a UU minister and UUA Congregational Life Staff serving the Central East Region. One of the threads of their call to ministry is supporting healing and wholeness. They are using their upcoming sabbatical to consolidate learning they’ve been doing for more than a decade personally as a trauma survivor, in foster parenting, and in the secondary trauma that is part of ministry.