Rev. Ashley Horan

Living Your Faith in the World

Living Your Faith in the World: an exploration of the intersection of daily practice and social justice. In this time of social and political upheaval, we are called to live our faith every day on social media, in the workplace, with our families, in line at the grocery store–as well as showing up for explicit social justice work in the world. How do we do this in a sustainable, effective, and spiritually grounded way?

Rev. Ashley Horan is the Organizing Strategy Director of the UUA, where she works with a team of faithful organizers and movement builders to shape the justice work of Unitarian Universalism to be spiritually grounded and politically effective. Prior to this role, Ashley served for five years as the Executive Director of MUUSJA – the Minnesota UU Social Justice Alliance, and for seven years as core staff with the Beloved Conversations program. She lives in Minneapolis with her partner, Rev. Karen Hutt, and their children, Aspen and Zi.