Laura Beth Brown

"The Need to Balance Doing With Being!

In a culture that values productivity as self-worth, how do we give ourselves permission to simply be? In this workshop, we will use the tools of journaling, meditation, chanting, and yoga, to explore what is hiding behind being busy–fear, scarcity, a feeling of unworthiness–and learn how to care for ourselves in ways that feel personal, organic, and not just another thing on the “To Do” list. Ultimately, we want to move away from the anxiety that taking a break from our responsibilities can cause and toward the joy that self-love brings. In doing this, we actually find it easier to be effective in our daily lives.

Laura Beth Brown is thrilled to return to Star Island Lifespan Religious Education week!  As a former Dean of the conference, she has great affection and respect for her fellow colleagues and is grateful to once again contribute in a different capacity. Laura Beth is currently the Director of Family Ministry at Beacon Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Summit, NJ and previously served congregations in Manhattan and Long Island in her nearly 18 years as a professional religious educator.

When she is not “in the office,” Laura Beth is “on the mat.” Laura Beth has been a yoga enthusiast for two decades and has taught yoga in studios and medical settings for seven years. Whether in a vinyasa-based class or therapeutic private session, she creates an atmosphere of a journey guiding students toward self-awareness. She emphasizes the spiritual aspects of yoga along with the physical, weaving in yogic philosophy. Laura Beth is also a certified Off the Mat facilitator, helping students discover their calling in making their communities and world more fair and just. A child-at-heart with a love to laugh, she includes an element of play whenever possible! With a background as a professional singer and performer, Laura Beth also enjoys incorporating kirtan (call and response singing) and a wide-range of music into her teachings. Learn more at