Laura Beth Brown

"Embracing Family Ministry"

American families are lacking critical societal support structures. Unfortunately, many houses of worship are not offering viable solutions. Families with children have become the canaries in the coal mine of our faith, signaling that what we are doing is no longer sustainable. In this workshop, a framework of stories, lessons, tools, and effective strategies will be offered to assist you as leaders to make choices about how to begin to structure a family ministry model for your congregation. The work of Juana Bordas, Reggie Joiner’s Orange, and most recently, Kim Sweeney’s The Death of Sunday School will offer context for our work together.

Laura Beth Brown is the Director of Family Ministry at Beacon Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Summit, NJ. She has served 5 congregations (small, mid-size, and large) in her 16 years as a religious professional. On a continental level, she was a LREDA Good Officer for 6 years before becoming President of the Metro New York LREDA Chapter last year. She is fresh off the heels of the UU Minister’s Association’s Center Institute where she co-presented with her ministerial supervisor, the Rev. Emilie Boggis, the initial version of the Embracing Family Ministry workshop. As a former Dean of LRE Week at Star, she is thrilled to return to her spirit’s home!