Online Registration

Be a part of this great event

The easiest way to register for our conference is directly through Star Island’s registration page, which walks you step by step through your options for registration.

If you have any questions, please contact our registrar.  We look forward to seeing you on Star!

Discounts & Financial Aid

Experience the magic of Star Island

Bring A Friend Discount: 

Do you have a friend who you think might enjoy a week on Star Island?  Nominate them through our new LRE Community Building Program and they will get a 30% discount on their room and board for the week.  As an added bonus, you get $50 off your room and board as well!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Find that person (or more than one person) in your home, church, etc. communities you feel would be able to best contribute to the LRE community on Star Island.
  2. Nominate that person by filling out this form:
  3. Once we approve the application, Star will cover 30% of the room and board for your new Shoaler, provided they attend the full conference (7 nights)!
  4. We’ll also kick in $50 toward your room and board, provided you attend the full conference (7 nights)!

You Will Come Back Discount:

Have you not visited Star Island in more than three years, and are looking to for a way to get back out for this year’s fantastic program?  Let us help you make it easier.

Apply for our “You Will Come Back” discount here: and get 30% off your room and board for the week.

Financial Aid Through Star Island

Please know that Star Island and LRE want to help as many people as possible experience the magic of Star Island.  We encourage anyone who is in need to apply for financial aid through Star Island Financial Aid program, which can be found on their Registration page.  This confidential program is available to individuals and families who are registered for a conference. Please note awards are always partial, and depend on the number of applications received.

Financial Aid Through LRE Week

If Star Island is not able to help you, the Faith Development Conference has some funds available for scholarships and financial aid.  Please apply through Star Island before applying to LRE Week.  Also, please note that you may not receive funds from both the Star Island Financial Aid and LRE Week.

Please contact our registrar with any questions regarding discounts and financial aid.