In Case You Missed Them

A little bit about some of our past conferences.

2017 Conference

Beacons of Hope: Growing Unitarian Universalists in a Changing World

In these workshops we gained a deeper understanding of our own beliefs, values and identities and how we might be enriched by our differences. We explored our own personal transitions and took a broader look at local congregation and denomination transitions and how the transitions we experience fit into the larger transitions of church in our world.

2016 Conference

Sustainability & Faith: A New Way of Living

This week featured Unitarian Universalist seminarian, leader and activist Tim DeChristopher.  Addressing the climate crisis is a new core component of our religious education programs. How can we as religious educators help reconnect children and youth with nature, deepen their understanding of our changing climate and associated justice issues, and empower them as climate justice leaders?

2015 Conference

Collaborative Leadership: Stronger Together

Hosted by Carey McDonald, UUA Outreach Director, we explored trends that bring our disciplines into greater alignment and empowerment with each other with the goal of strengthening our work in congregations by involving and promoting all three disciplines in community worship, shared spiritual practices and leadership teams.