A Great Formula

Faith Development +Friends + Family + Island Magic

The Star Island Faith Development conference is an inspirational week-long experience combining professional development for religious professionals and lay leadership, family, spiritual renewal, a Unitarian Universalist faith community, and Star Island magic. We offer programming to meet both the professional and personal needs of those new to and experienced in  lifespan faith development.

While something of a”working” conference, this week provides ample opportunities for personal rejuvenation; a chance to model and experience the joys of our faith community, time to relax in solitude, and also time to share the company of new and old friends and colleagues.

There are programs and special events for all ages, plenty of recreational activities, and always something fun to do!

For Religious Educators

It can be hard as a Religious Educator or a volunteer to find time for reflection, continuing education and networking with colleagues. Fortunately, a week on Star Island provides all three of these, and gives you time with your family as well! Our programs have included Renaissance Modules, workshops that give credit toward toward credentialing, and workshops that include vital and useful information for anyone working with faith formation in congregations.  Learn more about our exciting presenters and workshop leaders for this summer.

What Religious Educator have said about Faith Development Week:

“Because of the high caliber of religious educators that attend LRE week, I learn more for my RE program during conversations at meals, walks, and programming than I do at GA. I come to LRE week because it allows me to connect with my deepest self The atmosphere on the island is relaxed, creative and inclusive. I find that this environment encourages you to stretch in ways that surprise you.”
Robin Pugh, Director of Lifespan Religious Education at the Unitarian Universalist Church at Washington Crossing

“While Star Island itself has become one of the most meaningful places on Earth to me, LRE Week in particular is something I almost feel I can’t live without. This is the one week each year that I get to sit on the porch, relaxed, rocking away with colleagues, discussing our work together. Whether processing information from a shared workshop we are taking, or problem solving an issue we face in our congregations, it is incredibly valuable time, and lasts me all year.”
Lynne Weygint, Director of Religious Education, First Parish Church in Waltham