Sometimes being on an island, a boat-ride away from the nearest drugstore, can fill a person with panic about packing. “How do I know what to bring?? How do I know that I have enough?? What is really important??” First of all, rest assured; after you register for our conference, you will receive a full registration packet that will include a schedule, an overview of the island and a complete packing list. That said, just to put your mind at ease…….

*Clothing: The essentials are what you would think of for any island vacation. Plenty of light layers, as the temperature can vary through the day. Many find a cozyOpen-Suitcase-with-Clothing460x300-300x195 sweatshirt to be an essential, especially after a swim. Shorts, jeans, an comfortable clothing that does not need to be ironed. Some bring a slightly “nicer” outfit for the banquet night.

*Toiletries: Sunscreen and bug-spray are both essential, but virtually everyone on the island has brought them, so no need to panic if something did not make it. Both are also sold at the Island Store. Hair dryers can be used, and you will want to bring any of your “comfort items” that help you get ready for the day.

*Children’s necessities: Diapers and wipes are not sold on island. Be sure to bring everything you might need for your baby or toddler. Books and games are plentiful, as well as frisbees, balls, bats, and a wide variety of outdoor activities.

*Medications: Be sure to bring all of your medications and all necessary supplies with you. This is where being far away from the nearest drugstore is challenging……though in a pinch, there is a ferry that leaves regularly from the island. *If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to be in touch with our registrar.

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