Life on Star Island is comfortable, but not modern in part due to our commitment to conservation of resources. Living quarters in the main hotel and cottages have shared bathroom facilities for each floor. Each bed is made with sheets, an acrylic blanket, a wool blanket, a bedspread, and a pillow. Extra blankets and pillows are available upon request.


Unknown-3All of our meals are served family-style in the dining room, and the Snack Bar is open for large parts of the day and evening to supplement any cravings (ice cream and lime rickies are a must!)  Peanut butter and jelly are always available for alternative lunches and dinners, and there is a cereal bar at breakfast in addition to the hot meal.  Milk is available all of the time in the dining hall, and hot cocoa and coffee are available on the porch before breakfast, mid-morning and in early afternoon.  Social Hour is from 5-6 every evening, and wine and beer are available for cash.


Rooms and Amenities

Each room is supplied with a washcloth, hand towel, bath towel, and small bar of soap for each person. Although all rooms have electricity, not all rooms are equipped with electrical outlets.

A business center with wireless internet access, computers, printing, and copying capabilities is available for your use.

Double-Double-Bed-3-300x201Adult rates are per person and determined by room type. Youth rates are determined by age regardless of room type.

From June through August we house families with children under eight in the same area and offer a child monitoring service from 8 to 11 p.m.


Water for bathing is provided by the rainwater cistern; showers are available every-other-day.  There is a freshwater shower available at the end of the dock; however since the runoff from the shower lands in the ocean, soap is not allowed at that shower.  Island staff will also deliver fresh hot water with a pitcher and basin to your door every morning.

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