Star Island R.E. Daily Schedule

Below is the basic schedule for the week.  Conferees have requested more communication help navigate our busy, rich, joy-filled schedule.  The executive team has listened, thought carefully to address this concern.  As a result the daily schedule will be publicized ways from the past and with new technologies.  Programs and events will be emailed to those who have presented their email addresses to the regular  Star LRE mail list.



For details, additions and updates see the Handbook (available at desk in Oceanic lobby) and the Oceanic chalkboard.


7am             Coffee, Polar Bear Swim, Wake-Up Singer

7:30         Morning Chapel for Adults and Older Youth

8             Breakfast

8:45         Multigenerational worship (Elliott)

9:10          Young People’s Program begins

9:15           Theme Talk begins (Elliott)

10              Coffee/Tea Break (Oceanic Porch)

10:10         Morning workshops begin

12:10pm      Morning programs end

                        (Please pick children/youth up from their groups)

12:30       Lunch

1:00        Island Quiet Hour (in Room or Quiet Group Activities)

2:00        Porch Chats begin (ends at 3:00)

Art Barn Opens (closes at 5:00)

2:30 –4:00   Multigenerational Activities begin

5:30        Social Hours

                 Lindquist Deck (with alcohol)
                 Brookfield Porch (alcohol free)
                 Art Barn (12-step meeting)

6:30       Dinner (Lobster Dinner Wed, 6:15– tickets ($) needed!)

7:30       Evening Special Events

            Childcare On Duty, 2nd Floor Oceanic Hallway

8:30      Bedtime: Children through 2nd Grade

9           Worship: Meet on Oceanic Porch, Process in Silence

In Their Own Rooms: Grades 3-6

              Off rocks until sunrise

11         In Their Own Rooms: Grades 7-9

             Snack bar Closes

12am     In Their Own Rooms: Grades 10-12

              Island Quiet Time for All


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