Like all not-for-profit organizations, Star Island and the Lifespan Religious Education Conference rely heavily on donations to make ourselves sustainable.  It is a goal of ours to offer aid to anyone who wants to come to LRE Week, and so during the week we have a few fundraisers to help support the scholarship fund.  As you will note in the Financial Aid section, Star Island also offers scholarships; these scholarship programs are specifically for our conference, and to aid people who want to be part of LRE week and who might not get to go any other way.  In support of these scholarships and to meet some of the financial needs we have as a conference we have a…..

Silent Auction

imagesEverything is up for grabs!  Bring a trinket (or something more) to the island to donate, place it in the Pink Parlor – one of the main rooms in the Oceanic Hotel – and watch the price go up!  Everything from pictures to books to clothing, crafts and  household items can be brought and put up for auction for the benefit of the scholarship fund.  Bring something to donate, some cash to bid with, and know that it goes to a great cause.

So bring a few extra dollars and help make Star Island, and LRE Week, accessible for everyone.  Thank you for your generosity.

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