Sustainability + Faith : A New Way of Living


There are some elements of LRE and Star Island that remain the same year after year.  And, like all good organizations, there are some things that grow and change to stay current and to help all of us learn and grow.  Our Theme of the conference is one of those things that change every year, as we learn from religious educators and from people who are volunteering in our churches what is important for them to know more about and what they are interested in.


This year, we are excited to announce that our 2016 is:

Sustainability + Faith : A New Way of Living


As stewards of the earth, it is essential that we relate to and learn from one another in order to sustain our faith and connect to the web of life.

We will explore methods of transforming education into an action-oriented and value-based experience in our lives and the lives of future generations. There will be opportunities to examine questions such as:

  • How do we maintain our lives through our faith?
  • How do we keep faith alive in our children and youth so that they will want to be Unitarian Universalists as adults?
  • How can we live our values using RE programs focused on sustainability?
  • What resources can we used to enhance our commitment to a sustainable future?

Theme speaker of the week is climate activist and co-founder of the environmental group Climate Disobedience Center, Tim DeChristopher. Tim states, “Climate change is a moral issue. We must bring moral leadership to the climate justice movements. We need religious communities to lead, challenge, and deepen the climate movement.”
This week we will exam ways to incorporate climate and environmental issues in our work as religious educators. Morning workshops will provide various methods to help sustain us in lifelong learning and create meaningful changes in our world. In the afternoons we will offer special tours of Star Island’s groundbreaking energy work as well as information on sustaining the environment. There will be all kinds of conversations about what it means to be living in our world as Unitarian Universalist educators.

Join us in cultivating sustainability in some of the most important places in in our lives, our faith, the environment, and our friendships.


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