Patricia Hart and Cathy Seggel offer a talk based on their workshop “Building a New Way – Collaborative Leadership for a Changing Time” drawing from the work of the LREDA/ UUMA/ UUMN Task Force for Excellence in Shared Ministry.  As culture changes, congregations must change as well.  New leadership models are needed for religious professionals (ministers, religious educators and musicians) and lay leaders, working collaboratively – using different skills, and a shared understanding of systems theory.


Carey’s Tool of the Day


Rev Patricia Hart is currently serving as Interim Minister with the Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Charleston, West Virginia. Tricia has been in active ministry since 1997, serving six congregations in New England, Pennsylvania and now Appalachia as interim, consulting, and settled minister. Throughout her ministry, Tricia has also worked part-time as a consultant to UU churches around the country, focusing on issues related to change and growth, and especially stewardship.  She served on the faculty of New England Leadership School in the early 1990’s, and has led workshops, retreats and trainings at congregational, district and regional levels. Tricia and her spouse, the Rev. Peter Newport, met at RE Week on Star Island in 1995 and have returned many times since then.  Peter and Tricia have five young adult children and a growing extended family all over the country, a small dog named Waldo, and far too many books.

Cathy Seggel has served as the  Director of Religious Education in Providence, Rhode Island for eighteen years. Her first career was in professional nursing; after earning a B.S. from the University of Connecticut, she taught clinical pediatric nursing for seven years at Rhode Island College. Then, having completed numerous continuing education opportunities in UU religious education offered through district and national UU networks, she pursued graduate education at Harvard Divinity School, earning her Masters of Theological Studies degree in June of 2007. She is involved in the UUA RE credentialing program at the Master’s level. She is currently the President of the Liberal Religious Educator’s Association, and has served as Ballou-Channing District RE Chair, NEIDRECOM Chair, Dean of Star Island RE Week and President of the Unitarian Sunday School Society. Cathy lives in Providence with her husband, Norm; they have three children.

Carey McDonald is the UUA Outreach Director, helping Unitarian Universalist values reach more people and respond to the changing American religious landscape. He previously served as the UUA Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministries, and is a former lay member of the UUA Ministerial Fellowship Committee and the Skinner House Books Board. Prior to joining the UUA, Carey worked in educational policy with the Ohio House of Representatives and the Ohio Department of Education. Carey is a seventh generation Unitarian Universalist and a member of First Parish in Malden, MA and the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Columbus, Ohio. He was active in Columbus as a youth leader in the Ohio Meadville District Youth Adult Committee and with Diverse and Revolutionary UU Multicultural Ministries (DRUUMM).  Carey holds a bachelors in Economics from Pomona College in Claremont, CA, and a masters in Organizational Leadership from Wheelock College in Boston, MA. He lives Medford, MA with his wife, Sarah and son, Julian.

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